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Gustav Vasa was born in the beginning of the Renaissance, 12 May 1496. Today when we remember him we relate to four different things. Firstly, he is the creator of Vasaloppet, one of Sweden’s biggest skiing contests. Secondly, he was the one who threw of the Danish king Christian II from his throne. Thirdly, Gustav Vasa changed Sweden from a Catholic country to a Protestant country. Finally, Gustav Vasa also decided to change the succession from an elected one to the eldest son to inhate the throne.


The purpose of this research paper is to investigate Gustav Vasas way to the throne.

Research Question

How did the combat between Gustav Vasa and Christian II go?

Methodology and source criticism

I have collected all my information online, from different websites. I was very careful to check that the facts were true and were consistent with other websites. I did not use any books and that depends mostly on that I think the information I got from the internet was really effective and good.

Analysis and Discussion

Gustav Vasa grew up with his family in Uppland. Based on some research from Peter Swarts, Vasa should have, in the year of 1513 been studied at both Uppsala trivial school and Uppsala University. But that was not likely since all the education at Uppsala University was in Latin and Vasa had big troubles learning the language. He was just a normal child when he grew up and nobody could predict that he would become one of the greatest kings in all time. Since Gustav was not that interesting when he was little and nothing special happened during this time, his childhood was covered of myths from the historians.[1] His family had since the 15th century been really active in the Union party politics. Vasas father was on the same party as Sture Sten who at this time was the Regent of Sweden. Sten Sture was, like the Vasa family, against the Danish Union and tried to destroy it. Gustav Vasa was therefore sent to Denmark as a hostage and was put behind the grilles in a prison in the island fortress of Kalö. Luckily, he managed to escape and got back as a fugitive to Kalmar in Sweden. This all happen between the years of 1516-1520. Most likely Sten Sture was a role model for Gustav Vasa. When Sture later on died in January 1520, the Union aristocracy proclaimed Christian II king of the Union. After this when Christian had some power over Sweden, or the Swedish Union, he declared “Stockholm’s blodbad”.[2] The bloodbath was a series of events and it lasted between 7 and 9 November in 1520.[3] It was one of the most important events that happen in Sweden[4] in the 1500’s and around 80-90 people who stood for the same rights as Sten Sture were executed.[5] Christian II had a faithful follower named Otto Krumpen, who together with him led this strike against Sweden. Christian II’s goal was to destroy the Swedish Union and resume the Nordic Union. By this, he would strengthen his own power in Denmark.[6]

The Swedes stayed strong and did not want to let Christian II win. At Stockholm’s city walls was met Christian II of Sten Sture's widow Christina Gyllenstierna. Gyllenstierna was a determined lady and had no thoughts of giving up and let the Dane’s win. This is where the Dane’s journey ends and this made Christian II upset and pressured. He realized that he could not win and tried instead to give the Swedes conditions such that those who surrendered would receive amnesty. Finally, Kristina Gyllenstierna agreed to the terms and conditions. This ended with Christian II was crowned king in November 4, 1520.[7]

During this period was Gustav Vasa in unfamiliar places and when he heard about the battle he decided to hide until the Christian II had declared peace. Vasa was an opponent against Christian II and it’s said that he should have travelled to Kalmar castle and tried to urge people to continue resistance against Christian II. When he did this the knights should have threatened to kill him. Some other people think he was hiding in Småland and when peace had prevailed over Stockholm he was in Eksjötrakten. What he did exactly this summer is a mystery.

What the people did not know when they gave the throne to Christian II was that his intension was anything but friendly. Gustav Vasa continued his journey through Sweden and visited the archbishop Jakob Ulvsson to ask for advices. The archbishop promised to write to the Swedish console and ask for a fixed insurance to Vasa. Later on Gustav find out his father and two of his uncles had been executed. Not only that, his mother and other relatives had been thrown in jail. The Dane’s had taken all his estates and farms, and were now looking everywhere for him. He decided to look for protection in Dalarna since almost everyone had weapons there and had learned that “rebellion is worthwhile”. He also travelled to other places nearby Dalarna and Christian II sent out men to hunt and take Gustav Vasa down. They were near sometimes, but then Vasa was saved by faithful and men and women.

After many ifs and buts the “Mora men” decided to stand on Vasa’s side and help him, by this time Gustav Vasa was on his way from Mora to Norway. The”Mora men” sent two skiers after him and they managed to catch him in Sälen. Because of this event Sweden now arranges a ski race every year, called Vasaloppet, in memory of Gustav Vasa. However, Gustav Vasa was taken back to Mora and they appointed him to the commander over Dalarna. He got sixteen lifeguards but no particularly good or strong arms. They launched the uprising against Christian II in January, 1521. They entered from the South with almost a thousand men. They conquered Kopparbergets gruva and Västerås. Gustav Trolle and his men had to escape. This rebel movement soon reached the other provinces and Gustav Vasa became the “ruler” of many of these ones. “People” tried to get him to accept an offer of save passage to Stockholm and settlement but he easily turned it down.

Around Midsummer had Gustav Vasa and his men reach Stockholm but they could not “storm the city”. Although that he got back three important men who had migrated to the Danish side. These men were Lars Siggesson, Hans Brask and Ture Jönsson.

Even though Gustav Vasa was not able to overthrow Christian II, yet, he was acknowledged to Gästriklands country captain. By entering Stockholm and get back three important men he got Christian II government to escape. After that more and more people started to reconsider their choice and Christian II got “weaker”. The year of 1523, the empire was entirely in Gustav Vasa’s hands.[8]



To summaries the combat of Gustav Vasa’s way to the throne was long and difficult. Christian II was the Union king and therefore had the power over Sweden. He quieted down any resistance. Gustav Vasa did not have any power but did not agree with Christian II’s thoughts and ideas. Gustav Vasa needed to collect support from people to overthrow Christian II. He travelled around Sweden to find opposers. It was a long combat, but in the end it was “worth” it. Gustav Vasa made an effort to “release” Sweden and make it “free” again. He never gave up and fought for his believes and rights and that’s why he’s one of the greatest kings of Sweden today.


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Usch försov mig till tio över nio då jag börjar 8.20. Nästa lektion börjar 10.00 så ska ta något snabbt och äta och sedan cykla iväg till skolan. Juste idag är det kanelbullens dag, mums. Dock åt jag upp min bulle igårkväll, men den satt fint till en kopp vaniljte. Nej nu måste jag kila, fna har redovisning nu också..Gud bevare mig väl! Hare
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Yes! Kom nyss hem och det är faktiskt dags för att lägga sig upp och nedvänd i sängen och läsa samhälle. Har inte mycket vidare till val än att köra stenhårt, måste ju faktiskt sträva efter ett A. Vad annars? Kan inprincip allt eftersom mycket är repetition ifrån nian men måste jobba lite mer på att utveckla mina svar i detalj. Så det är vad jag ska göra nu, kul va? Träffade Linda en snabbis i centrum innan och vi åt lunch, samt kollade kläder. Fick med mig ett svart basic linne hem, behövdes även det som all resterande shopping. Nej nu väntar flera timmars plugg, suck! Wish me luck

Oj, glömde nästan. Vi stötte på ett filmteam som gjorde webtv för Kenzas modelljakt så jag och några från skolan blev filmade och en kille ställde frågor till oss. Hur kul som helst, blev helt hysterisk när han sa att han träffat Alexander..oh my gosh!

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inte bra alls, för nu blir jag en timme försenad pga de jävla tågen -.- Slutar 15.10 idag och då får jag se vad jag gör, måste leta upp ett paraply och sedan traska i väg upp mot tåget i det sablans regnet. MYS! Njae,nej nu måste jag gå så att jag hinner! Puss

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Hur mår ni denna måndagsmorgon? Jag mår i alla fall kanonbra! :) Är dock lite nervös inför min första dag i den nya skolan...för er som inte vet det så skall jag provgå i skärgårdsgymnasiet mån-ons denna vecka för ett eventuellt byte från Tibble. Tycker det ska bli riktigt interessant eftersom jag ska läsa hud, och det verkar helt ärligt som en utav "mina grejer". Ska ta tåget med Linda 08.21 och vi börjar klockan nio. Lite segt att inte alla tåg stannar i Åkers Runö, men men. Nej nu har jag lite bråttom, ska vara helt klar om en halvtimme. Taggar till musik, mmmm finns inget bättre! Have a good one

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Morn morn.

Håller på att bestämma dagens klädesel, inte alltid så lätt. Funtar på ett bar shorta med en vit stickad tröja/kofta. Hm..Eller en svart blus till det. ska i alla fall ha min svarta boots till så måste bara hitta rätt topp till det. Men jisses så mycket klockan redan är, börjar om 20. Slutar halv fem idag så vi hörs mot den kvisten, rädda mig gärna! Ha en bra dag, puss
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Hey hoe let's go!

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Ska bege mig till skolan om sisådär fem minuter. Har idrott första lektionen men skall inte vara med pga min fot samt mitt halsont, slutar 14.40 för övrigt. haha, nu måste jag gåå! Ha en bra dag

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God morgon världen, vilken underbar dag!?

Är uppe förvånandsvärt tidigt med tanke på att jag har fem minuter till skolan och börjar 8.20. Känner mig dock lite dåsig, kanske ska gå tillbaka till sängs och sova hela dagen? - JA tack! Å andra sidan skulle jag behöva vara närvarande i skolan idag då vi ska hämta ut en massa böcker och vill  icke göra det själv senare med tanke på att han somm jobbar där är lite smått läskig..! Slutar 15.15 idag, hihi komiskt. Nej men då ska jag hem och fixa lite sen bär det iväg mot stan med tjejerna :) Vi ska käka middag på Jensens och fira Michaela. Skoj. Nu ska jag lägga mig ner en stund, återkommer senare. Bye

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God morgon!

Längesen, jag vet och jag har även så mycket att berätta men dock inte nu för jag börjar skolan om 30 minuter. Kan kortfattat berätta vad jag läser och på vilket gymnasium. Jag går på Tibble Fristående Gymnasium och läser Ekonomi WWB sen en vecka tillbaka. Vi har just kommit igång med att arebeta i de olika ämnena osv och trots våra långa dagar så verkar det rätt så schysst. Önskar att jag hann skriva mer men måste äta frukost, vi hörs efter skolan! Puss

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Kan inte riktigt minnas då jag blogga senast och hur länge sedan det var så vet inte riktigt vad jag ska börja med att berätta. Livet rulklar på precis som det ska, fartfyllt med nya äventyr varje dag! Har haft en underbar helg med trevliga människor och för lite sömn, men det är väl ändå så det ska vara ibland!? Idag hade två tjejer i min klass, Olivia och Katrine ridlektion hela morgonen så det var riktigt interessant och lärorikt. Vi fick lära oss "the basic rules" inom skötsel av hästar och blev sedan indelade i grupper om tre som delade på hästarna. Jag red en häst som hette Dick Tracy, mycket lustigt namn men det var ju bara för go! Har inte ridit på gud vet hur länge sedan det var, minns det inte ens själv men det var riktigt kul att göra det igen! Efter det cyklade jag och Mathilda till Näsbypark för att luncha med lite god mat. Hamnade även i en taggbuske på väg tillbaka till skolan, men men sånt är livet! Finns inte så mycket mer att säga förutom att det är fullspäckad med prov nu de sista veckorna samt inlämingar osv osv, men det ska nog gå vägen! Hör av mig inom kort, ha det bra så länge! Puss 

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